The Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineering is an accomplished group of civil engineering alumni who have shown exceptional merit and together have given over $100,000 in student body scholarships this past year. They also contribute to the recruitment of new tenure-track faculty. This aides the Department of Civil Engineering in ensuring only the highest quality of faculty brought in and in turn, ensures only the highest quality of students sent through commencement and out into the working field.

Message from the 2018-2019 President, Mike Homan

The Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineers was founded by 20 visionaries. They were inspired to create a group of outstanding civil engineers and eminent graduates of the University of Arkansas Fayetteville Civil Engineering Department with the following objectives:

  • To recognize graduates of the department for sustained and outstanding contribution to the civil engineering profession.
  • To recognize graduates and eminent engineers for their interest in supporting the University of Arkansas Civil Engineering students and faculty.
  • To display the credentials of the Academy in such a manner as to stimulate and motivate the student body.
  • To provide advisory guidance and counsel at the call of the department chairman, faculty, or students. See More…

Changed Jobs? Moved? Got a new number? The Arkansas Academy Of Civil Engineering has over 200 members and we strive to keep our contact information up to date. Feel free to forward your new information to the Department of Civil Engineering and the Alumni Association so we can keep you informed of events and activities!

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